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New Ruling 19/20(Committee Announcement)
Aug 21 2019

Following on from the proposals at the AGM. The committee has agreed to implement the following for the upcoming season.

Due to the ridiculous amount of blank league scorecards received in recent years, the committee has agreed the following. Scorecards that are blank, showing no record of the match, players or frame scores will no longer be accepted. The offending home team (who are responsible for results being submitted) shall receive one warning for the offence. A second offence will carry a 2 point league penalty reduction. (Billiards will carry a 1 point penalty for a second offence)

Result submission: Usernames can be created for association members so that you can input your own results on the ODBSA website or just simply send a picture of the card to a member of the committee via Facebook/text/WhatsApp etc.

Many thanks.