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Amendments to ODBSA Rules & Regulations 2023
Dec 31 2023
• Maintain its playing facility within a 23 mile radius of Carfax, Central Oxford. (Increased from 15 to 23 to include Henley-on-Thames and Banbury.)

• 6.c: The home player, pair or team must ensure that the match table is suitably prepared to include brushing, napping and ironing prior to the start of any match. 6.d :Home players are not expected to play on the match table once rule 6.c has been completed prior to the arrival of the opposition. Practice must cease by 7:15pm and is prohibited during the duration of the match where other tables are available.

• Most frames won and high break awards are achieved in Snooker & Billiards league fixtures only.

• Folding of scorecard does not apply to Billiards.

• In the event that the league is tied between two or more teams after the completion of league fixtures, the team with more games won shall be declared the winner. If this is also tied, the league winners will be all teams tied on points and games won.

• All players will Lag/String to determine the choice of whether to break or not and which cue ball to use in all Billiards games. Lagging/Stringing for break - both players will strike the cue ball from the baulk line, the player whose cue ball is closest to the innermost edge of the baulk cushion wins the lag/string. The cue ball must contact the top cushion at least once. Other cushion contact is immaterial.

• The Management Committee may impose minus handicaps on certain individuals, based on their outstanding ability in Snooker. These handicaps will be used in all league fixtures, team, pairs and indIvidual competitions where handicaps are in situ. Players with allocated handicaps based on ability will be announced before the start of any upcoming season.

• Only finals of team competitions will be played at neutral venues. Semi finals will be randomly drawn and played at the drawn home teams venue.

• Entry fees will apply to all Individual and Pairs competitions however excluding The Oxford Times and Walt Bradbury Cup.

• If a player plays Snooker for one club and Billiards for another, then the choice of venue is theirs if drawn as the home player. This applies to any Snooker or Billiards pairs and individual competition up to and including the quarter final stages.

• Pairs competitions: In a four-handed game each side shall break alternate frames and the order of play shall be determined at the start of each frame and, when so determined, must be maintained throughout that frame. A player breaking sequence during a frame will result in foul 7 to the opposition. Players may change the order of play at the start of each new frame. If a foul is committed and a request to play again is made, the player who committed the foul plays the next stroke and the order of play is unchanged. If the foul was called for playing out of turn, the offender's partner will lose a turn, whether or not the offender is asked to play again. When a frame ends in a tie and a re-spotted Black is necessary, the pair who play the first stroke have the choice of which player will make that stroke. The order of play must then continue as in the frame. Partners may confer during a frame but not whilst one is the striker and has approached the table until the break has ended with a non-scoring stroke or foul.

• No match may be postponed after 11am on the match date without consent from both captains and notifying the hosting club venue and League Secretary

• Only breaks of 25 or more are to be recorded for Snooker and breaks of 20 or more for Billiards.


The winner in all rounds is the player to score the most points in the allotted time. A device with the capability of having a timer is needed for this competition. 60 minutes of play will apply in the 1st round up to and including the Quarter Finals. 90 minutes of play will apply to the semi finals and final. The timer shall begin from the first striking of the cue ball when breaking off. Handicaps do not apply to this competition.

• Snooker Handicaps for competitions where handicaps are in situ. Premier Division - 0, Division 1 - +8, Division 2 - +16


A miss can only be called a maximum of 3 times in sequence in all snooker fixtures. (This rule is relaxed in semi finals and finals where a professional referee is present to observe all matches.)

• New snooker singles/pairs competitions will be announced in due course.