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Sep 7 2005
Further to discussions at the AGM regarding the Association's stance on professionals and former professionals playing in the league, the committee has decided that players shall only be required to give handicaps for 2005/6 in the following circumstances.

WSA registered players ranked 97 and over will be permitted to play in all league and cup competitions. During the first half of the league programme they shall not carry any handicap (unless required by the competition rules). However, the committee reserves the right to review and apply a handicap after the 1st half of the league season has been completed.

WSA registered players ranked 65 to 96 may be permitted to play in team competitions (league and team cups) only, subject to the approval of the league committee. The league committee reserves the right to handicap players and to review and amend those handicaps after the 1st half of the league season has been completed

WSA registered players within the top 64 are excluded from playing in any ODBSA competition.

Therefore, players who were handicapped last season (e.g. Lee Richardson, Grant Conquest and Karl Walker) will not be handicapped this year.

Handicaps may be applied to players who are clearly playing in a division where the standard is significantly lower than their actual ability (e.g. David Baker was handicapped last year as he was playing in division 4, even though he was premier division standard. This does not apply this year because he is now playing in premier/division 1 with Riley B).

This decision is based on a mixture of not wanting unnecessarily to penalise players for their skill and to reflect the fact that it is most desirable for promotion and relegation to ensure like-skilled players are, as far as possible, in the same divisions.

In all cases, handicaps will be reviewed at the season midpoint, especially with a view to considering any players that appear to be playing to a standard significantly higher than others in the same division.