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Oxford and District Billiards & Snooker Association
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Billiards 2021/22 New Club
Snooker 2021/22 New Club
(Postponed) Billiards 2019/20New Club
(Postponed) Snooker 2019/20New Club
Billiards 2018/19New Club
Snooker 2018/19New Club A
Billiards 2017/18New Club
Snooker 2017/18New Club A
Billiards 2016/17New Club
Snooker 2016/17New Club A
Billiards 2015/16New Club
Snooker 2015/16New Club A
Snooker 2014/15New Club A
Billiards 2014/15New Club
Snooker 2013/14New Club A
Billiards 2013/14New Club
Snooker 2012/13New Club A
Billiards 2012/13New Club
Billiards 2011/2012New Club
Snooker 2011/2012New Club A
Billiards 2010-2011New Club A
Snooker 2010-2011New Club A
Billiards 2009/10New Club A
Snooker 2009/10New Club A
Billiards 2008/09New Club A
Snooker 2008/9New Club A